Course Description

Have you ever found yourself puzzled when trying to form subjunctive sentences in Brazilian Portuguese? Do you feel intimidated by the uncertainty and hypothetical nature that the subjunctive mood introduces in a language? Are you struggling to effectively express wishes, doubts, or conjectures in Portuguese?

You're not alone. Many learners like you grapple with the complexities of the Brazilian Portuguese subjunctive mood. It's a constant source of frustration, leading to a loss of fluency and confidence during conversations. Some of you might even feel stuck at an intermediate level, with the intricacies of the subjunctive mood acting as an invisible barrier, preventing you from reaching advanced proficiency.

What if we told you there's a systematic and enjoyable way to overcome these challenges?

Welcome to "Mastering the Brazilian Portuguese Subjunctive: One Step At a Time", your ultimate resource for conquering the complexities of the Brazilian Portuguese subjunctive mood.

In this course, you'll delve deep into the subjunctive mood, breaking it down piece by piece to make it not just understandable but also usable in day-to-day communication. We will start with the basics, establishing a solid foundation for you to build upon, then gradually moving towards more advanced concepts, ensuring a steady and comprehensive learning experience.

Our course will address the most common issues learners face with the subjunctive mood, such as:

  • Understanding when and why to use the subjunctive mood
  • Conjugating verbs accurately in the present, past, and future subjunctive
  • Formulating hypothetical, conditional, and wishful statements
  • Recognizing and using common subjunctive phrases and idioms

By the end of this course, you will have a firm grasp of the Brazilian Portuguese subjunctive mood and be able to use it naturally and fluidly in conversations. You will have the confidence to express complex ideas and emotions, making your Portuguese interactions richer and more engaging.

Get ready to remove the barriers to your Brazilian Portuguese proficiency and dive into a world of nuanced expression with "Mastering the Brazilian Portuguese Subjunctive: One Step At a Time." Let's make the seemingly difficult task of learning the subjunctive mood an enjoyable and rewarding journey.

Course Content

Fundamentos & Bases

Este é o módulo introdutório do curso, no qual aprendemos algumas informações fundamentais para o prosseguimento do curso.
Boas-Vindas ao Curso "Dominando o Subjuntivo"
O problema com a definição clássica

Pretérito Imperfeito do Subjuntivo

Começamos pelo mais fácil e partimos para o mais difícil - o pretérito do subjuntivo é de longe o mais reconhecido e fácil de dominar. Vamos começar por ele.
Pretérito Imperfeito do Subjuntivo: Formação e Notas
Usos gerais do pretérito imperfeito do subjuntivo - tipos de orações
Oficina do Subjuntivo 1 - Aula ao Vivo