We Have a Simple Mission at PwE School

To give you a clear path toward fluency... to help you along the way, with the best motivation tools and learning assets that will help you keep to it for the long run... working as not only a teacher but a partner as well, one that'll be there to help you communicate with friends, family, and coworkers in clear, natural-sounding Portuguese.

Have the Leaders in One-to-One Portuguese Lessons Help You

Whether you want to have our personal guidance in one-on-one lessons like our students or need the best help around to support you in your ongoing journey to learn Portuguese, you'll find with us the solution. Watch our short introductory video and you'll already have a piece of knowledge to improve your Portuguese even faster.

The Four Pillars on Which Our Method Builds


"Get it" Faster

With in-depth recorded tutorials, you'll understand the finer points of Portuguese grammar and vocabulary while enjoying the atmosphere of a live lesson.

Understand More

With our continuing education program, you'll be able to understand much more of what you hear. Far fewer "desculpe, não entendi" in your live.

Speak Your Way

Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for words. With our guides and writing workshops, you'll use words naturally and in a more sophisticated way.

Write Well

Most courses neglect (or outright fail) to make you into a competent writer in Portuguese. But here you'll have guidance to write well in Portuguese (and improve all the other fields, too).

What our Students are Saying


"Eli has been my Portuguese teacher for 5 years. [...] Eli is, by far, the most engaging, language teacher I have ever had. I progressed more rapidly in our one on one video lessons than I have ever progressed in language learning before. The gift of being able to communicate in the native language of my then-boyfriend, now husband, is one that I cannot ever repay!"

Katie M., Nurse, US

"Acabei de ler o podcast sobre os ET`s. Eli sempre me manda muitas coisas para ler e estudar. Coisas que me divirto de ler. Gosto de ler os livros e aprender muito mais sobre a historia do Brasil e a cultura brasileira.. Ele e um bom professor. Ele tem muitas atividades para melhorar seu vocabulário , gramática, conversa"
 Glen Sellers, Retired, US

"My written and conversational skills have improved to levels unimaginable to me thanks to you. I am very grateful to be able to be a student of yours. Thank you, Eli!"

Ezequiel M., US

"Eliaquim's classes are well-planned, fun, and highly interactive. He always has a variety of vanatagepoints in mind from which one can look at Portuguese always with the goal of having the student use the language more easily and naturally. To date he is the most consistently engaging, pedagogically skilled, and creative language teacher than I've had. These "high marks" are not platitudes, rather, they are compliments well-earned."

James D.-F., Teacher, US

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